Fluorite is a highly protective stone, especially in the psychic area. It helps you notice when you are being influenced from outside, and eliminates negative mental influences.
It is the best crystal to clean, purify and stabilize the aura.
Promotes equanimity and enhances intuition. It makes you more aware of the higher spiritual realities, and can accelerate your spiritual awakening. This stone smoothly opens your subconscious, bringing repressed emotions to the surface for their solution. It dissolves fixed concepts and helps you overcome mental blocks. It dilutes illusion by revealing the truth; increases fluidity and self-confidence.
This stone is ideal for students, as it helps organize the information already learnt by linking it to the information we are acquiring at the moment, thus helping us absorb it more efficiently. Plus, it increases concentration.
We must bear in mind that, since fluorite absorbs great amounts of stress, it could break if it not properly cleaned. In order to avoid this, we must put it into water, and this water should be later poured into the earth, as a way to transmute the pain.
Properties for our organism:
Powerful tool against infections and disorders.
Beneficial for teeth, cells and bones.
Regenerates skin and mucous membranes, especially in the respiratory tract.
Relieves colds, influenza and sinusitis. Caressing a person with a fluorite stone alleviates pain.
Relieves discomfort caused by herpes and other nervous alterations.
Re-awakens sexual libido.






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