The pendulum is the most versatile tool for the practice of Radiesthesia.

Use instructions:

The movements of the pendulum should be interpreted by the radiesthesian:

Lateral movements: right-left or backwards-forwards. These are clear signs of radiesthesic activity. For example, in pregnancy, they indicate the male sex of the baby to be born.

Circular movements: They move in a round manner, clockwise or counter-clockwise. These are clear signs of radiesthesic activity. In pregnancy, they indicate the future birth of a girl.

In both movement types, the radiesthesic phenomenon is evidenced. This is the most important aspect, rather than the movement type.

What can we do with the pendulum?

We can search for minerals: here we will hold our ?witness? (a sample of the material to be searched) in one hand, while we hold the pendulum in the other. Then we will place the pendulum all over our search area, or over a map, waiting to see the radiesthesic results.

Here is a very simple practical exercise for the search of minerals: Bury a small piece of metal in a box filled with earth. With the witness in one hand place the pendulum very slowly all over the box, concentrating on the desired metal, and then check the movements of the pendulum.

Liquids: In the case of liquids we proceed just as in the previous case, but introducing the ?witness? of the desired liquid in a small jar. If the searched liquid is water, we won?t need a witness, as the body has plenty of it and therefore acts as a witness by itself.
Lost animals or people: in this case, we will use personal belongings of the person/animal we wish to find, such as a piece of fabric, a nail, a hair, etc., or an object in permanent contact with the person such as underwear, watches, earrings, etc. In both cases we should use a picture or drawing of the person or animal, in order for it to work better through psychic connection.

Find diseases with a pendulum: Here, the ?witness? will be an atlas or image of the body. We will slide the other hand over the patient?s body, waiting for the pendulum?s movement in order to find the problem area. If the patient is not present, we will place the pendulum over the human body atlas and with the other we should hold a witness such as a hair, or other sample from the patient.

Paranormal phenomena:

This technique requires some practice before we can obtain results. We will start in a simple way:

1º For paranormal tuning phenomena we will need a piece of paper in which we will draw a circumference of 20 centimetres of diameter. In it we should draw three straight lines, at the end of which we will write the words: Yes, No, Past, Present, Future and I don?t know.

2º Place the pendulum over the vertical in the centre of the paper and focus on the psychic entity or person-- alive or dead-- that you wish to contact.
After a few minutes, the pendulum will start to oscillate. Let it move freely until its movements coincide with one of the answer lines.

3º The next step is making mental questions and speaking to whoever you wish to contact. After some time you will notice that the pendulum starts answering your questions.

Finally let us remind you that the use of the pendulum depends on the experience level of the user, which is logically acquired through practice. Practice with the pendulum should always be done in an increasing level of difficulty. First try with easy exercises, and later move on to more complex ones.






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