The series of shapes known as platonic solids were discovered in the Prehistoric times.

(Neolithic regular solids of Scotland (Ashmolean Museum of Oxford)). They were first described by Plato in his dialogues. They are related to the composition of the basic elements of nature.

Each of the five platonic solid shapes fits perfectly inside a sphere. Also, they offer the same view from each and every angle, all of their faces have the same shape.

The names of the five solids come from the number of faces in each of them, and each was conceived as one of the elements or states of matter.

Tetrahedron: 4 faces. Symbol of Love and connection with the higher Being. Its element is Fire.

Hexahedron: 6 faces. Symbol of the connection with life and nature; it confirms our purpose on the physical realm. Its element is Earth.

Octahedron: 8 faces. Symbol of integration, perfection of matter through Spirit. Symbol of wisdom. Its element is Air.

Dodecahedron: 12 faces. Symbol of the planet Earth, ascension, feminine power. Associated with the planetary conscience. It is the fifth element, the Ether.

Icosahedron: 20 faces. Symbol of transformation, of the shape of the Universe. Expansion. Associated with the cosmic conscience. Its element is Water.

Use instructions:

Our chakras will be balanced by the solids? relation to forms and the quartz from which they are made.

Place the quartz platonic solids over the chakra(s) to be treated. You will obtain balance, harmony and energetic revitalization. Also, the quartz absorbs negative energies and expels them from the body. They are also commonly used for meditation.






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